Saturday, October 04, 2008

Testifying About The Impact Of Phone Book Dumping

Photo by 612 Authentic

Ed Kohler, pictured to the right, is a popular blogger who often concentrates on urban issues. Click to check out his blog, "The Deets," if you think you can handle it.

(Ed's motto is, "You want The Deets? You can't HANDLE The Deets.")

Ed has done so much research on phone book dumping that he's made himself into something of an expert on this emerging urban issue. Ed came to the Housing Committee Meeting on Wednesday, October 1 to speak briefly about the impact of unwanted phone books, and stated lobbying efforts by the phone book industry were preventing the passage of legislation to prevent unwanted phone books, such as "opt in" instead of "opt out," which is Ed's main thrust on the issue.

Unwanted phone books ("phone book dumping") is now an item on November's agenda of the Housing Committee, so more facts and information will be coming out.

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