Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Northern Metals Public Comments

Post and image by Jeff Skrenes,  Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Housing Director.

The Northern Metals Environmental Assessment Worksheet process has resulted in sixty-nine public comments received by the MPCA.  A list of those comments shows who is on the side of the community and who is not.

The final tally may be inexact.  Several organizations have multiple letters included.  Councilmember Hofstede included a series of letters, although some of those people submitted their own comments as well.  However, my best count is this:  Fifty-five people or organizations submitted comments that were either against any increase, or in support of a full Environmental Impact Statement, or expressed serious reservations about the application.  Four letters were written stating that an organizational entity had no position on the matter.  Three letters (one from Northern Metals itself) supported granting the permit.

That's right.  More people took the time to comment that they had no position than those who support the increase in pollution.  A breakdown of who said what is after the jump.