Friday, October 14, 2011

To the Banks, Broadway, and Back - October 19

Post and photos by Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Housing Director, top photo originally used at, and reposted at the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

On Wednesday, October 19, Hawthorne leaders and partners will be meeting at the corner of 26th Avenue North and 4th Street North, near the Farview Park sign.  We will walk down 26th towards the Mississippi River, and highlight the fact that the bike lanes diverge from sidewalks.  The bike lanes take 26th to 2nd Street, then down to 22nd Avenue, and east to the Mississippi trails.  The easiest continuous sidewalk route veers south on Washington instead of 2nd, and then across to the River at 22nd.  Pedestrian access to the River becomes difficult as a result.

The second picture shows a staircase on the Northeast side of the River.  Although we do have trails and a park on the north Minneapolis side, there are no paths or steps inviting people to come to the water's edge.  We will discuss ways that the Mississippi is a wonderful amenity to Hawthorne and north Minneapolis, while also brainstorming ways to improve upon river access.

Come and join us at 5:30 on Wednesday!