Friday, April 29, 2011

EcoVillage Home Featured on Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour!

Post by Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Housing Director. Video from the Minneapolis Television Network.

The Hartzell family is one of the newest additions to the Hawthorne neighborhood, having purchased the first LEED-certified home in the EcoVillage last fall.  Before they even closed, Mayor Rybak publicly welcomed them to Minneapolis, and now their home is on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour.  Many new homeowners have been profiled in the NoMi blogosphere, to the point where we pretty much tell people that moving into the EcoVillage makes you a sort of local celebrity.  That was said BEFORE this video was released.

I'd love to gush even more about what a great place Hawthorne, and the EcoVillage is to own a home, but the Hartzells do a great job of that in the video above.  Instead, I'll quickly remind readers that we're building another similar house on the corner of 31st and 6th this summer.  And if you buy a house anywhere in the Hawthorne neighborhood, you'll qualify for $5,000 in down payment assistance money through the Hawthorne Advantage program.

So take a look at the EcoVillage, and let us welcome you to the neighborhood!