Monday, October 06, 2008

Family Memory/Scrap Book Event at Farview Park: October 11th

We are still signing up families to participate in next weekends Family Memory/Scrap Book event! This event is by donation and there will be Memory/Scrap Book Making Supplies provided! We still have openings left and we want families to participate in this! LUNCH will also be served. Pizza from Broadway Pizza! And refreshments have been provided from Holiday Stationstores in North Minneapolis.

The details are:
Saturday - October 11th
12:00 - 4:00
Memory/Scrap Book Making event (all of the supplies will be provided, families just bring momentos, photos and their memories!)
Farview Park on 29th and Lyndale Avenue North
For more information or to sign up please contact Brian with All About Family via email: 

All About Family

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Keynote Speech, Inspector Mike Martin, Commander Of The Fourth Precinct

Photo By John Hoff

At the September 25 Hawthorne Annual Meeting, Inspector Mike Martin gave the keynote address, which focused on the factors predisposing youth to gang affiliation.

According to Martin, there was a study performed in 1927 by Fredrick Thrasher, and all subsequent studies--often performed at great cost--continue to reiterate with Thrasher learned in the late 1920s. Here are the factors:

1.) Deteriorating neighborhoods.

2.) Inadequate recreation.

3.) Ineffective religion.

4.) Lack of parental control.

5.) Poverty.

Martin discussed each of the factors, touching only lightly on the religion factor. Martin said what's important is "spirituality," a simple sense there are things bigger than yourself which turn you toward moral behavior. He urged residents to try more approaches with kids than simply calling 911 when they are hanging out on corners.

Martin also took questions from the audience, addressing topics like more use of mobile cameras and police/community relations.

Check Out THIS Image!

Blog Image, click for link

Click here to read a blog entry which expresses approval of Hawthorne taking on CitiMortgage, and contains the funny image you see image above!

One can't help but be reminded of something Chairman Peter Teachout said during his annual report: This year, the Hawthorne Neighborhood took a few baby steps. And a scary giant fled in fear."

MinniAppleseed Is Excited To Work With Hawthorne Neighborhood

Photo By John Hoff

Members of the "MinniAppleseed" project met with the Housing Committee on October 1, and answered questions. Though many tough and direct questions were asked, ultimately the idea of a "partnership" was embraced by the Housing Committee. The "MinniAppleseed" project concerns construction of a "passive energy" house, like those which have become increasingly common in Europe.

The members of "MinniAppleseed" are excited to work with Hawthorne, as one can see from this blog posting, click here.

Above, a tree in the heart of the Eco Village area. Behind the tree is 415 31st Ave. N., scheduled for demolition in the near future.

League Of Women Voters Assisted With Board Election

Photo By John Hoff

Here's a photo from September 25 of two members of the League of Women Voters, assisting with the Board Election.

Testifying About The Impact Of Phone Book Dumping

Photo by 612 Authentic

Ed Kohler, pictured to the right, is a popular blogger who often concentrates on urban issues. Click to check out his blog, "The Deets," if you think you can handle it.

(Ed's motto is, "You want The Deets? You can't HANDLE The Deets.")

Ed has done so much research on phone book dumping that he's made himself into something of an expert on this emerging urban issue. Ed came to the Housing Committee Meeting on Wednesday, October 1 to speak briefly about the impact of unwanted phone books, and stated lobbying efforts by the phone book industry were preventing the passage of legislation to prevent unwanted phone books, such as "opt in" instead of "opt out," which is Ed's main thrust on the issue.

Unwanted phone books ("phone book dumping") is now an item on November's agenda of the Housing Committee, so more facts and information will be coming out.

Preparing For The Demolition of 415 31st Ave. N.

Photos By John Hoff

On Friday, a crew from Bauer Bros Inc. was at 415 31st Ave. N., the well-known property in the Eco Village area which was the subject of the lawsuit--now thankfully settled--with CitiMortgage.

The crew's foreman said little of salvage value was left in the house, with the possible exception of a furnace, which was removed. The foreman showed off a list of many houses in North Minneapolis, all of which were scheduled for the salvage of useful items and materials prior to demolition.

Asked when the demolition of "415" would take place, the foreman looked at his list and said, "Currently, it's scheduled for a week from Monday." That would be October 13!

Hawthorne has waited for this a long time!

The "Blue Tarp House" Goes Down

Photo By John Hoff

After standing for more than 100 years, the "Blue Tarp House" at 2957 Lyndale Ave. N. went down in a single afternoon. Trucks were steadily hauling away rubble as of yesterday.

The infamous light blue tarp on the roof had become ragged over the years, flapping in the wind and providing little resistance to rain. The property had become a kind of "negative gateway" to Hawthorne, the first thing people saw when they entered from the north on Lyndale Ave.

But now it's gone. If you want proof things really are transforming in Hawthorne, this might be considered one dramatic piece of evidence.