Saturday, October 04, 2008

MinniAppleseed Is Excited To Work With Hawthorne Neighborhood

Photo By John Hoff

Members of the "MinniAppleseed" project met with the Housing Committee on October 1, and answered questions. Though many tough and direct questions were asked, ultimately the idea of a "partnership" was embraced by the Housing Committee. The "MinniAppleseed" project concerns construction of a "passive energy" house, like those which have become increasingly common in Europe.

The members of "MinniAppleseed" are excited to work with Hawthorne, as one can see from this blog posting, click here.

Above, a tree in the heart of the Eco Village area. Behind the tree is 415 31st Ave. N., scheduled for demolition in the near future.

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Laurie said...

What is "MinniAppleseed"? I cant seem to find anything about it on the web...

-laurie (folwell/camden)