Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tax Forfeited Properties in Hawthorne

Post and photos by Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne Neighborhood Housing Director.

The city of Minneapolis has published a list of properties that the state of Minnesota or Hennepin county have taken through tax forfeiture.  They are seeking community input regarding the potential acquisition or disposition of these properties.  There are three options people can recommend for these properties:

  • That the city acquire the property if there is a developer interested in reuse.
  • That the property be withheld from the public market while a reuse is determined.
  • That the property be sold on the private market.
The city of Minneapolis is asking for public input on these properties by September 26, 2011.  People can go to their respective neighborhood groups with recommendations or contact the city directly.  

The letter explaining the process can be found here, and click on this link for a list of all properties citywide.  To search for more information on the properties via the city of Minneapolis, click here, and to do the same at Hennepin county's website, click here.

There are twenty such properties in Hawthorne, and 2511 4th St N is pictured above.  The other nineteen properties are after the jump...