Saturday, October 04, 2008

Preparing For The Demolition of 415 31st Ave. N.

Photos By John Hoff

On Friday, a crew from Bauer Bros Inc. was at 415 31st Ave. N., the well-known property in the Eco Village area which was the subject of the lawsuit--now thankfully settled--with CitiMortgage.

The crew's foreman said little of salvage value was left in the house, with the possible exception of a furnace, which was removed. The foreman showed off a list of many houses in North Minneapolis, all of which were scheduled for the salvage of useful items and materials prior to demolition.

Asked when the demolition of "415" would take place, the foreman looked at his list and said, "Currently, it's scheduled for a week from Monday." That would be October 13!

Hawthorne has waited for this a long time!

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