Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Quick Note About Comment Moderation on this Blog

This blog is the approved blog of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council. In posting and commenting here, its contributors are expected to keep that in mind. HNC welcomes spirited debate around important topics to our community, and is committed to approving comments on all sides of an issue.

However, comments that do not fit our mission statement will not be approved. That statement reads: "The Council seeks to improve the quality of life in the Hawthorne Neighborhood through empowering the residents in order that they can address the physical, cultural, social, and economic needs of the community."

A recent anonymous comment has not been approved because it does not fit the above statement.


Anonymous said...

While I can appreciate that you have the right to moderate comments appropriate to this blog. I have to ask - What is the name of the person that moderates this blog?
My reason is simple. The roster of contributors to Hawthorne Voices are largely the same as the contributors to the Johnnynorthside blog. Many of the pictures and news bits can be found in both blogs.
So one has to question the independence of this "Official" blog from that blog.
Most notably, Jeff Skrenes, your housing director, is a major contributor to the JNS blog. And looking at Hawthorne Voices he is the chief contributor to this blog.
So to allow the contributors to the JohnnyNorthside blog to state their opinions here, and then restrict comments by hiding behind your mission statement, is an unfair restriction.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

In case it wasn't clear, I am the moderator of comments on this blog. And while I am also a contributor on Johnny Northside, that is a separate role.

The decision to use the mission statement as a guiding factor in comment moderation is one that was made in conjunction with the executive committee of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council.