Monday, December 15, 2008

World's Largest YWCA Planned For Hawthorne Neighborhood

Margo Geffen presented to the Hawthorne Board recently about a plan to build the world's largest YWCA right here in Hawthorne.

Pictured above is Executive Director Laban Ohito and some members of the Hawthorne Board on the historic night this major development was announced. News of the plan has generated considerable excitement in North Minneapolis but the project has actually been quietly in the works for a while.

The plan has three main features: the world's largest YWCA, a commercial building at 800 West Broadway, and a parking ramp. Here is a breakdown of the plan:

1.) World's Largest YWCA

The YWCA entrance, the Police Safety Center entrance, and the ramp entrance are strategically placed to provide safe, direct, welcoming connections. The running track and fitness rooms have views to a green roof and the Minneapolis skyline.

The YWCA building will match the set back of the new proposed 800 West Broadway setback. This will allow the addition of parallel parking to support the mixed use development without narrowing West Broadway. The south-facing pool will activate the street with light via a 2-story glass wall. The facility will reportedly have two pools.

2.) 800 Building Commercial Development

The existing 800 West Broadway building will be renovated for retail and restaurant on the first level with outdoor dining along Aldrich and Broadway. Proposed office space on the second level will enjoy skyline views.

The 800 building's first structural bay will be removed to provide for a 28 foot, 6 inch wide street section with pedestrian and transit oriented streetscape to provide a safe environment.

3.) Parking Ramp
The parking ramp incorporates safety features such as direct connection to the YWCA, and a Police Safety Center adjacent to both pedestrian and vehicular entrances.

All buildings will be designed to promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

4.) Tours Planned

There will be tours to discuss this plan of the Great Neighborhoods! Development Corporation. Tours are planned for January 28, at 2:30, and February 25, between 10 am and 12:15 pm. The tours will start at the GNDC office on Franklin Avenue, go to the YWCA in Midtown, and will end up at the project site. (800 West Broadway Building)

For questions or to be part of the tour, contact Margo Geffen, Director of Real Estate, Great Neighborhoods! Development Corporation, 1113 East Franklin Avenue #202, Minneapolis, MN 55404-2977. (612) 870-7555.

Email for Margo is


Ariah said...

Has any sort of completion date been determined? It sounds amazing, but I'd like to know when to be expecting this beauty.

Johnny Northside said...

I would suggest you email Margo for that information. Thanks for your interest!