Friday, September 12, 2008

Interested in becoming a board member?

Help us make a difference in our city and join the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Board.

Board Members:
Attend monthly board meetings
Attend all board trainings
Attend special events and functions of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council
Serve on one or more committee or sub-committee of the organization.
Serve as a representative of HNC when designated by the board.
This takes ca. 5-8 hours a month.

Board members are elected during the Hawthorne Annual meeting for 1 or 2 year terms. This year there are 8 seats that are available to residents and representatives of businesses, non-profits and youth working in the Hawthorne neighborhood.

To have your name formally on the ballot, please contact us by September 19th by 5PM, although it is possible to nominate yourself during the Annual dinner as well. For more details: (612) 529-6033 or

Residential representative of the Hawthorne Neighborhood must live within the borders of the Hawthorne Neighborhood:
East of Emerson Ave. N, West of the Mississippi River, South of Lowry Avenue N. and North of West Broadway Ave. N.

Non-profit organization and business representatives of the Hawthorne Neighborhood must be with businesses or organizations with a physical presence in the Hawthorne neighborhood. Youth organization representatives must belong to organizations that conduct at least 60% of their activities with youth.

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