Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hawthorne Takes On Predatory Lenders!

The Hawthorne neighborhood made news recently when it sent a clear message to predatory lenders this year when it filed a ground- breaking lawsuit in January against CitiMortgage that could set an innovative precedent for other cases across the nation.

The suit would hold lenders responsible for careless loans- in this case the dispute is specifically in regards to the property at 415 31st Ave. N. which is an undisputed eyesore attracting graffiti and numerous 911 calls.

It has diminished property values for our fellow residents and many of you have told us you feel the poor conditions of the house put the overall safety of the neighborhood at risk, and it was time to hold people accountable!

While the success of this lawsuit is not guaranteed, it is part of our ongoing effort to combat predatory lending and foreclosures in the Hawthorne neighborhood and we will keep you up to date as the lawsuit progresses!

For more information contact jskrenes@hawthornecommunity.org or
call us at (612) 529-6033.

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