Monday, August 06, 2007

Hawthorne Newsletter Out

The July/August Issue of the Vibe, the Hawthorne Area Community Council Newsletter is out! If you haven't received your copy yet, contact

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Daniel said...

Your immediate action is needed.
Call, fax, and or email the Mayor today. Please call and or copy the message below sending it to our honorable mayor, RT Rybak, adding your name in closing. Our Mayor is in favor of funding the bikeway-greenway if we can demonstrate enough community support for the project. Without community support the city will not fund the project so please act now and contact RT to telling him you want the 26th Avenue Bikeway and Greenway funded. RT is touching up the draft for the 2008 budget today Friday September 7th 2007. This is our window of opportunity so let’s not pass it up.
Daniel Rother
Wirth River Greenway
26th Avenue North Bikeway & Greenway Coalition

Send to:
Mayor R.T. Rybak
Phone: (612) 673-2100 Fax: (612) 673-2305
E-mail: and

Subject: 26th Avenue Bikeway and Greenway funding
To: Mayor R.T. Rybak,
Support funding of the 26th Avenue North Bikeway Greenway Project and Planning.
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