Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Timberwolves visit Farview Park

Tuesday night on December 5th, the Timberwolves paid a visit to the Hawthorne area neighborhood to play basketball with our kids at the newly christened Gary Wilson Gymnasium at Farview Park. Gary Wilson and many other friends of Farview Park and the Hawthorne neighborhood were in attendance, and the evening included free t-shirts and a pizza party afterwards!

You can see some of the great photos from the evening here!

Thank you to everyone who came to make this a great event!

Here is Jon Oyanagi from the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board discussing the Timberwolves visit.

Coach W.H. Nelson also expressed his appreciation.

Coach Gary Wilson was very pleased as well.

Here, you can watch the Timberwolves as they play with the children:

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