Monday, October 09, 2006

Hawthorne Annual Meeting Results

On Septemebr 28th, the Hawthorne Area Community Council met at Farview Park to elect new board members and to review the previous year's accomplishments.

A free and delicious dinner was served to community members, including an excellent lasagna, pulled pork sandwiches, fresh salad and rolls, fried rice and spring rolls, while entertainment was provided by the Aztec Dancers, UNL and the Hmong Princess Dancers.

Minneapolis Artist-in-Residence Seitu Jones gave a moving speech about the power and impact of art in people's lives and explained how art helps to transform communities.

Hawthorne area community residents then gathered together to vote on who would represent their quadrant, and who would be the at large representatives. Additional voting was held to determine representatives from the business community, the non-profits and youth.

Over 100 people showed up, making it one of the most well-attended annual dinners in recent years.

Door prizes were given out, including prizes from noted Minnesota writers and artists such as Ed Bok Lee, and Wing Young Huie, as well as tickets from the Center for Independent Artists, Mu Performing Arts, Regal Cinemas, and a one year membership to the Loft Literary Center, as well as generous gift certificates to Cub Foods and a large gift basket from Miss Cali Style Gift Baskets and Balloons.

The Hawthorne Area Community Council thanks all of the generous donors and supporters who helped to make this evening possible.

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